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Audiophonia is an audio dealer and brand agent in Puerto Rico specializing in high efficiency loudspeakers and low-power amplifiers. I have carefully curated each brand to offer, what I feel, are the finest, best sounding home audio components available today. Designed in the USA, England, Germany, Japan and built with exceptional craftsmanship by people who are as obsessed about audio as we are.

My personal goal is to help music lovers, specially young audio enthusiast, enjoy music like they've never heard it before.

I take my time with every relationship, product and service we offer, to find the audio system that best complements your lifestyle, budget and design preference. Audiophonia offer products that are elegant, discreet and never dominate a room, but will emotionally connect you to the music in a way that conveys exceptional feelings.

Demonstrations are by scheduling a private audition in our studio, or in your own home, in your own room, with real world furnishings – this is the best way to audition a stereo system.

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